150 trainees working together for a futureproof society and economy


For Trainees

You are doing a traineeship and want to take the next step

For Organizations

You are working with trainees and want to do run the extra mile



What can you expect?

The Dutch National Trainee Event (NTE) brings together high potentials from both the public and private sectors to work on the future of the Netherlands. This year, the event marks another theme concerning all organizations, public and private: The Next Economy. Our world is in transition, so new fresh ideas and input of high potentials are needed more than ever. Global trends such as climate change, geopolitical changes and the emergence of new economic powers steer this transition towards a system change.

But how does this transition shape into the Next Economy and how do we develop future-proof organizations? The day focuses on the development of the trainee and networking. 150 trainees are challenged to look broader than their own organization, with the aim of inspiring and activating them to contribute to a better future with the acquired knowledge and improved skills.


Berenschot is positioned at the centre of society. We want to make a contribution to current social issues and strive for growth on the basis of our expertise. In addition to corporate social responsibility we also consider corporate social involvement to be very important. We demonstrate our involvement in various ways.

Stichting Maatschappij en Onderneming

SMO is a foundation that accelerates the realization of societal ambitions. To achieve this we signal and identify societal challenges for which an integrative approach and adaptability from multiple parties is needed. As a trusted third party SMO connects corporations, public parties, scientific institutions and the young generation in order to create and implement solutions for these societal challenges.



Participating organizations

We are proud of the organisations that participated in the past editions. They show they care about the development of their trainees and the future of the Netherlands.