NTE 2017 organisation


Berenschot is positioned at the centre of society. We want to make a contribution to current social issues and strive for growth on the basis of our expertise. In addition to corporate social responsibility we also consider corporate social involvement to be very important. We demonstrate our involvement in various ways.



SMO is a foundation that accelerates the realization of societal ambitions. To achieve this we signal and identify societal challenges for which an integrative approach and adaptability from multiple parties is needed. As a trusted third party SMO connects corporations, public parties, scientific institutions and the young generation in order to create and implement solutions for these societal challenges.


Johannes Ter Hoor | Berenschot

As a junior consultant for work and income at Berenschot I work mainly for municipalities, the Ministry of Social Affairs, SW companies and trade organizations in the field of work and income. I am working on collaborative issues, processes and services, formation and finance, and evaluations..


Anissa Oukhiar | Berenschot

The rise in contingency dynamics and increasing turmoils shakes up organizations and raises relevant questions, such as: (1) What are the boundary conditions to make your organization (more) successful? (2) What design is congruent to attain your goals? (3) And ultimately, what HR instruments are relevant in contributing to your organization's strategy? My colleagues and I can help you make a difference in organizational design and performance. 


Noah Baars | SMO

As a project manger for SMO I try to make the young generation think of societal challenges. I co-orgnaised three NTEs and currently doing my best to make this jubileum edition the best one.