For Organisations 

The National Trainee Event brings togethers trainees from both the public and private sectors to map the challenges for the Netherlands and develop a vision. This combination is unique and shows the involvement of your organization in the future of the Netherlands.

Why participate?

Societal Impact

Organisations participating can bring their vision of the future of the Netherlands into focus and share their knowledge.


Participation as an organization shows involvement in the future of the Netherlands and the development of young talent.

Development of trainees

The event offers a special opportunity to empower your organisations talent to broaden there knowledge by engaging them within new themes that will play a crucial role in the future.


Each organization can enroll for the National Trainee Event and participate with up to 10 trainees. The costs per trainee are 150 euros, which can be met in two ways: through iDeal or by invoice.

The 150 euros is solely used to cover the organizational costs. Any surplus will be used for the organization of the next National Trainee Event and related activities for trainees.

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