What and Why?

What does the Netherlands look like in 2025? Change offers opportunities; We as trainees, fresh thinkers and doers, see possibilities. What role can we play as talent of the future? The National Trainee Event is about meeting each other and confronting the future challenges of the Dutch Society.

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For Whom?

This event is intended for over 150 trainees from all over the Netherlands, working with leading organizations, both in the public and private sectors. As a trainee, you have work experience, but at the same time you have not been "stuck" in existing systems and thinking patterns. In short, together we can build a beautiful Netherlands in 2025!

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How are we going to organize this? By talking to each other and engaging speakers, by working together, telling and thinking. The day is a matter of creativity and joint development of new concepts. We all contribute, we learn from each other and we all own the end result.

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