NTE 2017 Impression 

''A true Rotterdam experience! That is how I would describe my experience, and hopefully that of 120 other trainees, at the fifth edition of the National Trainee Event on Friday November 10th. It started off with a warm welcome from the organisers, who presented the theme of the day: The Next Economy.''


NTE 2016

In 2016 the NTE marked a theme that concerns all organizations, public and private: The Circular Economy. How do we maintain the value of resources? The day focused on the development of the trainee by enhancing personal skills around idea generation, pitching and networking.

NTE 2015

Design Your Future: Networking, Design Thinking and Social Entrepreneurship.


NTE 2014

The future possibilities of networking and the labor market are unprecedented: "We do not live in linear times, but in exponential times."


NTE 2013

The First edition of the National Trainee Event with many inspiring speakers. Check the videos!