NTE 2017 | Five year anniversary

Traineeships are offered in all sorts of forms, shapes and sizes nowadays. The objective? To train and develop the young and talented new bright minds to become a top specialist and/or top manager. In these programs trainees are usually thrown in the deep end with, on a regular basis, off-the-job training they reflect and develop skills. It is in this fashion that we challenge upcoming trainees in your organization to participate in this year’s edition of the National Trainee Event.


National Trainee Event | 10 november 2017

In the fifth edition of the National Trainee Event we will focus on the Next Economy. It is a buzzword and represents almost all of the challenges that need to be addressed to become a future-proof society and economy. Developments, such as the Internet of Things, Big Data and Circular Economy, are affecting an economic transition. Subsequently, this has an affect on our society and the organisation you work for and how problems are addressed and ultimately solved. Consequently, what kind of skills do you need to deal with these transitions and what kind of leadership is required from you and your organisation? In other words, how can we, together, establish true  leadership for impact?


CONCEPT PROGRAM | 10 november 2017

09.30 Walk-in

09.45 Welcome (With Founders of NTE)

10.00 Keynote Muriël Thijssen (Director DSM Fit)

Leading by example, people management, stakeholder management, drive high engagement, continuous improvement and a clear policy for the next years aiming;  Sustainable employability = COMMON SENSE!

10.30 Introduction Next Economy cases

Traineeship for (societal) Impact
Justin Junier of SuperHelden challenges you to develop the perfect traineeship for Impact. Match the expectations with the reality. Read more about the context of the challenge. 

Circular Economy
The Netherlands is a dense-populated delta where living, working, mobility, nature and recreation should go without heavy environmental pollution or poor air quality. How does the Circular Economy get shape?

No Plastic? 
How should we deal with the amount of plastics going into our ecosystems?

Future of Food
Coffee waste can be a gold mine as a raw material for various products such as oyster mushrooms, in addition 3D Printed meals are getting better and easier to make. What does the future of food production look like?

10.45 Coffee Break

11.00 Workshop Ideation & CASE WORK TIME

12.30 Lunch and Networking

13.30 Keynote: Next Economy Skills

14.00 Workshop: Design Thinking


15.00 Pitch Principles

15.15 Connecting the Dots: Pitch Preparation

- Leadership skills and content merge here before the pitch battle.

15.30 Round 1: Free for all marketplace (best 2 selected per case)

16.15 Get In The Ring Pitch Battles | FInal

17.00 Networking Drinks and five year anniversary party